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In the beginning, Man created God; and in the image of Man created he him.

2 And Man gave unto God a multitude of names, that he might be Lord over all the earth when it was suited to Man.

3 And on the seven millionth day Man rested and did lean heavily on his God and saw that it was good.

4 And Man formed Aqualung of the dust of the ground, and a host of other likened unto his kind.

5 And these lesser men Man did cast into the void. And some were burned; and some were put apart from their kind.

6 And Man became the God that he had created and with his miracles did rule over all the earth.

7 But as these things did come to pass, the Spirit that did cause Man to create his God lived on within all Men: even within Aqualung.

8 And Man saw it not.

9 But for Christ's sake he'd better start looking.

yeah Jethro Tull.

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