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my academic advisor doesn't know how i withdraw but sends me to jeanette eliot-brown's office, where david also doesn't know, but his secretary does. armed with a xerox-mangled form so dark as to be functionally illegible, i attempt to gather the required signatures - only five, but once i get to main building SAS informs me that the comptroller will only sign it once everyone else has signed, and when i trek back up to arch street, the co-op office is closed. the woman at residential living needs to make a photocopy of the form but is frustrated because her photocopy is even more indecipherable than mine. she wants me to get a new form and more signatures so that they have their records straight. i refuse. i leave towers about ready to spit acid, but chris hails me from across the street and offers to take me to cape may to see the ocean, and then things are okay again.