> jumping into life.



Autumn is here. A few weeks ago the clouds came barreling in over the mountains to the west, pushed by a stronger wind than we'd seen in months. We stepped out the front door and immediately turned our noses to the sky. The sun shoved its way through for a few days, as it will all winter long, but the season has definitely changed. You can feel it in the mornings, even on days that will climb through the 80s eventually. I discover that I am in need of slippers.

School is overwhelming. Only three classes, but then again, three classes are the maximum that can be taken at once at this school. Last week I calculated that between time spent in class, at work, and doing homework, about 60 hours of my week are occupied. I've been pretty pooped, and pretty stressed, but generally pretty content with how life is going. I adore my classes, and this is a school light on the busywork, so at least I can feel like all my homework is actually useful to my learning. I haven't had much time for extracurriculars, like sleep or eating, but I have been drinking a whole lot of good green tea.

I don't think I've got the balls for nanowrimo this year, but if any of y'all are participating, let me know.

Ah, here comes the rain.