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today i woke up in my friend travis's bed, where we crashed last night after a long while of (strictly platonic) talking and drinking tea. in fact, a good part of the conversation was a discussion of all the reasons neither of us wants to become romantically involved with anyone new, which made it a little bit funny but generally more comfortable when we decided that the best arrangement would be for us both to pile into his bed. it reminded me of when silke and i would sleep both in my bed when she spent the night at my house in highschool - not enough room to avoid touching, which is sort of awkward but kind of comforting at the same time. at any rate, when we woke up, the sky outside his window was completely overcast and the trees whipping around. as far as i can remember, i haven't woken up here except to perfectly clear, cloudless, calm weather. we both promptly added "autumn" to the lists of favorite things we'd been compiling the night before. after a while travis remembered he was supposed to be going to the the bioneers conference, and so i went home.

i spent the rest of the day, until now, making a bound book out of a story i wrote in high school, because i have too much homework and couldn't bring myself to start it. and because i've been feeling like the creative bits of my brain are starting to stultify, and because i haven't made a book in a while. i'm quite pleased with it, and i think once i've shown it off to the (three) people here who might be interested, i'm going to mail it back to my studio for their november show. they asked me for a book of my poetry as well, so that'll be my next project. after i prepare my presentation for monday, and clean up my suddenly-a-disaster of a house, find myself an individual study site to monitor over the rest of the quarter, and do my biology reading.

(ps - laurie-lou, espero que tu pie esta bien!)