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for my homework (due tomorrow) i am supposed to relive "a childhood experience of play."

i've talked with some of you about this already.

for the rest, let's just say that i'm beginning to suspect that i was the most neurotic child, perhaps, ever. based on my memories of "play" as a child, i've considered buying some barbies (to dismember), some abc blocks (to make into a series of rhyming words (or, alternately, number blocks to put into number lines)), or some play-doh (to eat). and i pretty much can't do anything that involves other people (which is good, since it's ten o'clock now, and also because i can't think of anyone who would respond positively to the phrase, "hey, d'ya wanna come over and play with little erasers with faces drawn on them?" because that's what i most remember playing with).

no wonder i'm still weird.