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look, gary, i love your books, i have the deepest respect and admiration for your work and your ethics and your life; though i don't know you personally, i would say that you are one of my heroes. but for god's sake, please, learn to use your semicolons properly.

also: first day of class went swimmingly. i am already sunburned and inspired and sore. the farm is hip-deep in mustards, and the sticky brassica smell is still in the back of my throat. one of the boys in my class offered to take and eat the gophers we'll be trapping; we also get first dibs on all the vegetables we raise and all the eggs the chickens can squeeze out. and the farmer's market starts this saturday. and we aren't meeting 'till 6:30 now, so i get a whole extra half hour to sleep. huzzah. huzzahs all around.