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I remember the first time

I saw frost-churned soil,

walking in chill Connecticut air,

the shards crunching

nicely beneath my boot,

with frozen oak leaves

and the trill of unknown winter birds.

Nimium erudio sum:

I am overeducated.

My mind fills immediately

with words:



I look for barred wings

or striped,

consult a thousand references

in my head.

But my gaze turns not


but rather ravels

a thousand paths

to their varied ends,

a thousand questions

give birth

to a thousand more,

each shoving sharp

from the hard soil

of my assumptions.

For when I heard

the learn'd astronomer,

these many years past,

I walked home after

through freezing clear night-air

and look'd up with newborn awe

upon the stars.

Quercus being my favorite, too.

Fagus being a close second -
they under fatal attack here
southeastern michigan
epicenter of the end
of the ash...

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