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Eris came in through the side door as Eros slipped out the front. He placed a finger to his lips as he left - a hush or a promise, I couldn't say. I was still staring out the window, lost in longing, as she slipped her arms around my waist. Chin on my shoulder, she pressed her breasts to my back and whispered secrets in a language I've long forgotten. I closed my eyes to feel her breath on my skin, and the wind blew my map off the wall. You miss him already, don't you? Eris asked, and I nodded. Her laughter tumbled like rocks in a stream, like yesterday's promises lost. Her nails suddenly sharp against my ribs. There is no way out but through me, and there is no end to me. She smiled, soft and cruel. I am all the world.

My skin suddenly cold, and she was gone. A thud from behind me: I expected to see an apple, but it was a pomegranate rolled off the table instead. I stain my fingers as winter comes. She is all the world, and Eros on the other side. Still, I leave the door unlocked; perhaps he will come home.

This is a beautiful bit of writing.

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