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I almost smashed the frog when I fell. I'd been telling Chris about when I was at summer camp as a kid and we'd go on this hike up a big hill to the water tower, and there were always all kinds of frogs around where it leaked, and I would always get left behind because I was trying to catch the frogs and my group would hike on. I told the story because I'd been trying to catch a lizard, who evaded me more than once by running straight at me, across my hands, and to the next rock. I nearly fell off the edge of the waterfall trying to chase one around a juniper, and that one got away as well. Eventually I gave up and ate some more dried bananas. A boulder had apparently been calling to Chris, so he got up to go walk on it as it required.

"Hey, speaking of frogs!"

So of course I lept up to catch the frog, tried to run up the boulder, and fell. The frog jumped out from under my hand just before I hit the granite. Apparently the whole thing was quite poetic.

We sat around in the sun like poikilotherms for a while longer, and eventually I did catch a little treefrog, whose tiny heart beat coolly against my fingers as she sat cupped in my hands. When I set her back in the stream, we saw the yellow stripes under her legs when she swam away.

He wrote about it better.

Did not.

Did too, goose.

So we readers are the winners, because this is pretty damn good.

Not better, just different. Chris don't have nothin' on you - that Eros vs. Eris thing was plenty poetic. But just being able to write in a straight line is a gift.

Thanks for linking my blog. I'm honored.

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