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Signs of life:


A grey blur flashing past my head resolves itself into a falcon on the cottonwood up the road. It turns back towards me and - I swear it - chirps. For a moment I think it is talking to me, but then another swoops past me to join it. They chatter at each other, hopping along the branches like parakeets, then take off over the roofs.


The oaks are budding. The oaks are budding!


At the end of my walk, I pause to read one of the poetry signs that have been put up around the park, and to lick the rain off some Ceanothus flowers. A woman passes me, smiling under her wide-brimmed hat. Doesn't it smell delicious today? I nod. She spreads her arms out like wings. The whole desert just opening up. She meets my eyes and we are madly in love, transfering just for a moment our mad love for this place to each other. She does a little twirling dance and continues on her way; I kiss the Ceanothus in delight.


On the way home, I find I am hungry for the first time in days.

Today was a beautiful day here too; it makes one want to keep on keeping on.

What is it about oaks, I wonder? Is there any place in the world where, if oaks are present, they won't stand out as one of the most charismatic inhabitants?

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