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I am gut-tired. My desultory attempts at packing over the past week were suddenly forced to resolve themselves yesterday, as yesterday was Moving Day and, as it turns out, it's hard to move if the packing hasn't been finished. The day was therefore spent packing, with the afternoon spent moving, and the evening and most of the night - until 2 am - spent cleaning. The house I'm staying at this week is out in the woods, where there is neither cell reception nor internet, but where there instead is a herd of mule deer on my porch when I wake up to the dawn in my eyes. Friday is my birthday and Saturday graduation, a week from yesterday and I'll be back in California, a week after that and I'll be backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, and two weeks from Wednesday I'll be in a monastery. Honestly, I have no idea where the past three months went. Where the past ten years went, for that matter. One thing I do know is, I need a nap.

Sweet dreams, pal.

wow good luck with all that !!

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