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My roommate has a list beside her bed of things that make her happy (or, maybe more accurately, things that support her mental and physical health). They include running, zazen, tea, and dental floss. I've been thinking of what would be included on such a list for myself. I think the core of it is, unhierarchically:

Enough sleep. Enough water. Fresh fruit. Zazen. Hiking. (Which may be the same thing as zazen, really. I haven't quite figured that out yet.) Writing. Creating-things-of-some-kind (knitting is currently filling this space). Poetry (reading and writing). Reading, in general. Music. My toothbrush.

Also, I am compiling a list of things I want to do while I'm in San Francisco:

Visit the Golden Gate Park (on the schedule for today). See a play (maybe an opera). Visit museums. See some live music. Go kayaking. Summit Diablo.

Any suggestions for the second list would be welcome.

Eat at Pancho Villa in the Mission.

you know i can't resist this request...

1. mitchell's ice cream. san jose and 29th, i believe.

2. vesuvio. just because. 6 am is a good time. followed by

3. queueing up outside mama's before it opens. this is worthwhile. it's in north beach, on a corner, next to a church whose name escapes me, opposite a park. just down the road from vesuvio, off columbus. you will never stop thanking the gods for mama's.

4. collect sanddollars from sunset beach.

5. visit my grandma?

6. twin peaks at sunrise on a sunday. many people converse with the almighty then.

7. see a san francisco mime troupe show.

8. 826 valencia (it might be some other combination of those numbers...) pirate shop. writing workshops. mcsweeney's goods and services.

9. the nutcracker? well, my family always goes...

10. think of me, think of me fondly!


Buy a co-blogger an ice cream sandwich.

visit muir woods (as soon as it opens- avoid the crowds). ferry to sausulito and drop in on the galleries. make the trek out to larson family winery if you have the time and a vehicle (and enjoy tasting wine, of course!)


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