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Wind comes off Lake Champlain, dropping the temperature below 30. My California skin recoils and I shrug deeper into my scarf and jacket. We are going to the co-op for groceries, where we'll miraculously make a meal of only local foods: root vegetables of every possible incarnation, from potatoes to jerusalem artichokes and celeriac; mushrooms for me and turkey for him; flour, which we'll make also into bread later this week; chard; and eggs. Plus toothbrushes to replace those lost on the journey (though later found).

My body is still dull from too much cartime, my brain a little fuzzy. It is stormy and lovely out today, and I plan to stay inside. I have two knitting projects past-due, some coffee direct from Colombia, thanks to a good friend with family to visit, and some serious cuddling, also past-due. Tomorrow we're heading to New Hampshire for a while. If you happen to live in Burlington and are hiring, please let me know.

The temperature's below 30 in California, too.

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