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The fever-heat came finally last night, blazing higher and higher until he fled to the far side of the bed, refusing to touch me. I burrowed deeper in the blankets, stoked it with my breath, turned myself florescent, and let it burn.

This morning the rasp is still there in my throat, but the head-full-of-leaves is gone, the ache-in-the-joints is gone, and I even agreed to go into work an hour early.

I will, however, bring my tea with me.

My heart cries for you. Do get well soon....

Thanks. I'm almost all the way better today, I think.

what twat is making you work (and early) when it sounds like you´re knocking on death´s chamber door??? what twat lets ill people work around food and beverage?? nik

The management at my cafe is definitely twatty like that - rumor has it they tried to make one girl come with with a confirmed case of strep throat - they wanted her to wear a mask.

Would you buy coffee from a sick-looking, miserable person in a mask?

Oy. Feel better, Kat!

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