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This video, which I love because I love Kucinich and Colbert,

also made me think of what was one of my favorite parts about living in the monastery: the robe-sleeve pocket. The Zen robe has these big sleeves,

which are often sewn up a bit at the bottom, or you wear an under-shirt with the same sleeves that are always sewn up at the bottom, and they make the best pocket.

I would like to relate to you now a list of some of the things I've kept in my robe-sleeve pockets.

My watch, earrings, necklace, bracelet; my glasses; apples, oranges, persimmons, grapes, bagels, muffins, carrots; a teacup, a coffee mug, a bowl; workshirt, bra, underwear, socks; books; my journal and a pen; tea bags; disposable camera, digital camera; rose petals, leaves, daisies; chant cards; space.

I forgot tissues, sugar packets, poems, and chocolate.

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