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if you stand here you will compact the soil.
you will crush the earthworms.
you will crush the roots.
if you eat only fruit fallen freely from the bough
you steal it from the deer who starve all winter.

you steal it from the earthworms.
there is no innocence.

still -

i am hungry. this body works
for its living. it demands payment.

there is fresh sourdough bread
and dried dead potato beetle
on my hands. the bitter taste lingers.

Really good. It manages to feel simultaneously polished and tossed off. And of course I like the message.

Nice 'puisi' (Malay word for poetry).

How many people, I wonder, know that characteristic smell and taste of beetle? Liked this very much.

Dave, thanks - definitely tossed-off, but I'm glad it came across as polished, too!

Chahya - welcome! Thanks!

Beth - I was working with a girl that day who ate one whole. Yeesh.

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