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Smokey the Bear
is on the rack;
his tongue split
as a snake's.

Like any traitor,
he won't confess,
insists that he loves this country,
that he had no idea,

that he meant well.
He looks smaller without his hat,
fear in his eyes,
flames at his feet.

Just tonight on the news they said that a few structures at the zen center have burned, but the main buildings are safe. The reporter also said that the fire had now passed the center, and was continuing east. I hope the report is accurate.

I am drinking cerveza con límon and pensando en tú. (trying to brush up on the idioma.)

The seeds -- aren't the leaves neat-looking? I like them. They make me think of Batman.

Hey luv - that's what I've heard, too. They seem to have escaped relatively unscathed - I wish that could be said of more of the coast.

Even though the vines are growing a foot a week, we haven't gotten any flowers yet - I'm looking forward to seeing what they're like!

There is a very interesting discussion going on over at Sitting with Fire:


...they're talking about things that have been running through my mind for years now, concerning the expense of experiencing the Zen center...(enlightenment is for those who can afford it, basically)

Mmm. It's a good discussion, indeed.

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