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The wedding is eating my brain, even though I promised myself it wouldn't.


(But I'm going to wear cowboy boots! Yee-haw!)

the wedding is eating MY brain, too!!!

yay!!!! i can't wait. crap, i need to find a way to get to you from boston....right!

nika xxx

Please share photos! I want to see the boots.

T'sokay. Weddings do eat your brain, that's just how it is.

I've been out of touch. So you're getting married in a month! In boots? Yikes! Congratulations. And hugs.

Nika, love - we'll get you here somehow.

cc - I will! I'm excited about the boots, too.

dale - yikes, indeed! and thanks. ;)

What color boots? Last wedding we attended, the bride wore lipstick red cowboy boots.

I'm not sure I'm so bold as all that - mine are going to be cream colored. But red does sound fun.

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