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Already it seems so long ago. What I remember most is his face all screwed up trying not to cry, the wind tugging at my veil, soft autumn sunlight.

All morning I'd felt as though I'd be sick - in a good way! - but once I started walking down the aisle, grass and fallen leaves, it was pure peace, pure joy. At sunrise I'd sat and searched my heart for a moment of hesitation, and found none. Only a feeling like expanding wings, a feeling like sky. Then there we were, with the wind and the sunlight and friends and family, and his face all screwed up trying not to cry.

In all, it was perfect. If I had anything to change, I'd add a few dear friends who were unable to come; otherwise, banal as it may be, I must say perfect.

We'll be heading up to Montreal in a few days for our honeymoon; maybe I'll be able to give a better recounting when we get back. And thank you, everyone, for your kind wishes and congratulations - you all are wonderful.

Wow, beautiful pictures! You two upstaged the foliage!

We'll be in Vermont until Wednesday - will we miss you in Montreal? I hope you have a wonderful time there in any case, but please email me and let me know your schedule.

You look raiantly happy
Many good wishes for your future together, may you enjoy a long lif of love, laughter and dreams come true

I have a new blogzine which publishes other people's 'small stones' and would love a submission from you if it takes your fancy... http://www.ahandfulofstones.com. Thanks for your blog.

My well-wishes are belated but no less sincere. Felicidades!

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