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Congratulations and felicitations! All the best.


You did it! Wishing you both happiness, love, patience, and enduring friendship. Congratulations! (and you both look terrific!)

Congratulations! And yes, you both look radiant. Wish I could have been there, but more importantly, wish you both joy and integrity in partnership.

YAYAYA!! i've been checking here all week for pics but i was like 'well they will prob be on a honeymoon i cant be impatient' etc etc etc. what a great time of the year for a wedding in a great part of the country. a huge CONGRATS and best wishes for decades and decades of happiness!!!

PS so i of course linked to your flickr and of course wouldnt mind if even more pics ended up on there eventually :). hehehee.

God, I miss you.

Just stopping by ... congratulations!

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