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I can't remember what the tragedy was, exactly, but it was tragedy that brought me back to him, finally. It was living in the city, my edges raw, and the news story of one more death, one more murder, one more piece of universe based on hatred, and I picked up the phone and said yes to love.

This is a funny time to be getting married. The world as we know it is ending. It feels hyperbolic
to say, but I think it's true: the ice caps, the markets, the end of cheap oil. Who knows what the world to follow will be like. A good part of the money we thought we were going to buy land with has disappeared. At the moment we have no jobs and no solid prospects and no plan that extends beyond January. But the cliché is true: at least we'll have each other.

For the rest of our lives.



Happy wedding.

That's what precipitated our marriage, too -- violence & death. It was an act of defiance as much as one of love, I think -- "this is what's important, this is what I'm betting on, no matter what the odds, and screw you, world." (To exaggerate a bit :->)

That was nearly thirty years ago, and we're still married. All the blessings, you!

never commented here before but i've loved your writing for a long, long time. this seemed as good a time as any to thank you for your beautiful words and to wish you all the best in the days (and years) ahead.

HOLY CRAP I thought your wedding was later this month...I wanted to wish you good luck!




I suppose you are officially an adult now :). How does it feel to say "my husband"? I'm so glad that you two found each other again. I think of you often. Love you.

I still can't believe it.

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