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He says,
Do you really want babies
but got chickens instead?
after I get up to check on them
in the middle of the night,
and after I take a hundred pictures
and even a video of them doing nothing
except being chickens, and I coo and call them darlings,

And so what if he's right?
This is no time for having babies -
the economy and the environment,
the end of the world as we know it, besides
which, we're broke and we fight too much -
it's a perfect time to keep chickens.

And so what if I love them
more than they warrant.

That's what humans do.


One nice thing about having become a Buddhist is that I no longer feel I need any warrants for loving animals as much as I do. Very handy.

So many humans would have done better to love their chickens and cats and leave it at that. I'm glad you know yourself well. And when and if the time becomes right for babies, you'll know that too.

I'm loving my sparrows these days, unreservedly and without apology! And they're teaching me quite a bit.

practice makes perfect...
the art of nurturing and loving grows inside you, much like the baby that may someday...
"tis nature's way, to practice the skill set....
love and nurture...all and everything you touch...
you learned this from a very young age, my Caitypotato

That's really beautiful, Caitlin. I forgot how much I like your blog. (I've been playing with google reader, and am rediscovering blogs and sites I'd forgotten about.)


Dale - that's a very good point, indeed.

Beth - Yes.

Anon (which is clearly either Mom or Dad) - I had good role models!

And Jenn, thanks.

If it was Dad, he'd know how to sign his name:o)
love, mom

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