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It's looking like a hard frost for tonight - between 33 and 28 degrees, depending on whose forecast you believe. Then another on Tuesday night, maybe even colder.

On Tuesday night, we'll be out in the woods somewhere as part of a three-day backpacking trip to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow. (!) So today, before we leave, I have to gather up all the last remains of the peppers and tomatillos, and also try and wrangle a warmer sleeping bag than the one I've got.

And then into the woods! The hills are bright with their copper and gold and the deep red and the tawn and bronze. I haven't been backpacking even for a night in maybe two years, and I can't wait. Horray for fall!

Wait, why are you holding an anniversary when you just got married a few... oh. Really? A year? How did that happen?

CONGRATS AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! i hope you have / had good weather for your trip!!!

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