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Because that's how things are, the thaw last week preceded the coldest temperatures of the year for this week. With both heat lamps on in the chicken house, it got down to six degrees in there; as long as they have enough to eat, they won't freeze, but they can get frostbit. Egg production has dropped a little with the cold temps, but now that we're past the molt we're getting a pretty steady dozen a day. We're in the position again of needing to find some more egg customers - we were selling three or four dozen a week last summer to a restaurant that since has gone out of business, and now our regular customers can't keep up! In the meantime, I guess I'd better get back in the habit of baking lots of cakes and making lots of pasta. One day I'll post my "how to use over a dozen eggs in one day without anyone realizing they've eaten that many eggs" menu.

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that's hilarious!! i have a friend who 'hides' deer meat throughout the menu so her kids will eat it. i can just picture you 'hiding' eggs LOL.

:-) I want to see that menu!

egg nog!
- nika

...hm. yes. leave it to me to find the boozy resolution.

p.s. ooh my word verification word is BALSHI. how nice is that?

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