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The cold snap has abated somewhat, though they're warning of a nor'easter heading this way: up to twelve inches of snow tonight, if we're lucky, and several inches of sleet and ice if we aren't. But that's okay. It's winter now. This is supposed to happen. 

Last year I made a calendar,  but I had to leave out November and December. I know them now: woodsmoke and wool. Perhaps they would be central heating and polar-tec in some other state, or some other life, but not here and mine. I'm so glad that wool is making a comeback; I much prefer it - in terms of aesthetics, ethics and comfort - to synthetics. And the good woodsmoke smell has wrapped all around us these days, from our own house and the neighbors on each side. Even driving down the interstate, an occasional whiff will drift in and fill the car with homeyness.