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two things:

first, we bought my tickets to costa rica today. i leave the night of october fourth and get back december fifth. i got all my immunizations and the prescriptions for malaria pills and imitrex on friday, with a new doctor who never shook my hand, hardly looked at me, and had forgotton me by the time i came back today. it's starting to become real to me that i'm actually going to costa rica, for two months, in a very short time.

second, my boxes came today. i'd had some tribulation getting them sent, involving a lot of wasted time and kindness on my housemate arin's part, since he drove me to the UPS store, back to my house to print the labels (off his computer), to salvation army to get rid of the stuff i wasn't shipping, and back to the UPS store so that i could affix aforementioned labels to my goddamn boxes. which arrived today. i showed my parents my portfolio, realized that i'd thrown away lots of work that i should have kept, and got really upset. then i had to unpack all my crap, had nowhere to put it, and now i'm stressed and annoyed.

third, even though i didn't say i had a third. but third, i can't sleep. can't sleep. can't even remember the last time i had this much trouble sleeping. and i sort of start crying sometimes for no apparent reason. and i walked on the beach today and had my feet in the water and i didn't ever want to leave, but i'm also a little bit lonely. and i submitted a story to the new yorker but don't worry, i don't expect them to accept it. also, did i mention i can't sleep?