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afternoon. clouds lie like old quilts, layered on the horizon and through them the sun shades everything grey. i love the pattern of pine needles on the roof outside my window. they're swept in a dull orange semicircle away from the chimney and bunch up near the gutters, and there's a pale green lichen that grows in the corners and the roof itself is tar and gravel and grey, and somehow it's beautiful. i love the silhouette of the trees as the sun goes down and how everything becomes crisp just before it blurs into twilight.

there's a poetry slam at the coffeeshop tonight, and i'm excited even though i'm not going to read. it'll be nice to have some poetry around that isn't the inane stuff i've been dribbling lately.

also, three days in a row now that i've had pretty good interviews; with luck, tomorrow will make four. i think the YMCA will hire me, but i sort of don't want to work with them now that i remember that i don't so much like kids. the job i'm interviewing for tomorrrow sounds really interesting and also flexible, and in my perfect world i'd end up working both there and at the cafe i went to today.

i went outside to watch the sunset and then came back in because it was cold. and now from my window the whole sky has gone orange and i'm going to have to go back out.