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so then. last week was slow and full of interviews and application essays. this week was full of I-9s and driving. i got both jobs; i'm now the caregiver social coordinator for the del mar caregiver resource center, which is a program of the health projects center in salinas, and a barista for cafe serendipity. these are two very different jobs. one requires me to be responsible and extremely well-organized. i have to call people and make plans and be a professional adult. i have an office with plants and a mahogany desk and a voicemail and business cards. the other one requires me to be friendly and make coffee. i need to not have holes in my jeans and i need to not spill hot things on people. i have my own clerk-code for the register, and that's about all.

but they're both really fun, so far. my hours are pretty flexible - extremely flexible at del mar - and both groups of people seem very cool. they're both positions where i have a lot of contact with other people but without having to rely on anyone much to get my job done. which is just about perfect for me, because i like to work with people but i don't like it when they can fuck things up that i'm otherwise responsible for. i should be able to take at least the one class i'm really interested in for spring, and maybe the tango lessons we've been talking about, and last week i paid for three months of kickboxing and tomorrow i have yoga. i still have at least two essays to write and all sorts of finacial aid stuff to fill out during february, and i need to plan a trip back east and one up to washington.

life just got busy.

i love it.