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today with mittens and scarf, the mile-long walk to school dark with clouds menacing. little do they know that they are my favorite weather, portentous and dramatic, requiring of tea and uggs and snuggles. i wish i had a big windowseat, so that i could curl up with my blanket and my tea and my book and ignore my homework. and my house.

entropy is taking over, and i find myself battling just to keep the dishes done and my bed made. i'm trying to keep myself eating well (macaroni and cheese and ramen do not count as balanced vegetarian meals), moving sometimes (though the walk to school and back is good for that), and not hermiting completely (because regardless of all that about meeting people with like interests, if i never leave the house i won't meet anybody at all). however: i made soup so much beans and veggies that i ended up calling it stew, and i've been doing a little yoga in the mornings, and i went to my knitting group last night and we watched the game and ate apple pie and talked about boys. so if i can only clean up my room, i'll be fine - and i've got enough homework to virtually guarantee that i do. but not until i have some more tea.