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a quietly perfect weekend: rainy and stormy and windy, my very favorite weather. i spent the morning at home, making a book and writing (25000!), then had a wonderful dinner with friends. we made four huge pizzas (artichoke hearts, peppers, mushrooms and onions; pineapple, mushroom, onion and half chicken with barbeque sauce; tomato, onion, garlic and avocado, and i don't remember the fourth, peppers and onions and lots of cheese, maybe) and drank lots of wine, then had a wonderful after-dinner conversation about sexuality, gender, and love. i spent the night there, snuggling with my friend tim (after a very, very long discussion about why i was nervous about just spending the night and snuggling). in the morning we had cold pizza for breakfast and drank green tea and watched the storm. after a while we decided to rent a movie, after which i came home to do my homework. we'd rented supersize me, and so for dinner tonight i made myself a big pot of rice and lentils and potatoes, with spinach and chili and garam masala, and tamari-roasted sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and peanut butter, and a salad with more spinach and tomatoes and avacado and walnuts and pecans. and that made me feel less like i needed to fast for a week. and now i'm going to work on my paper for natural history, and listen to ani and the rain.