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here's an interesting map: county-by-county, with a mix of red and blue according to actual percentage of the vote. there's still a whole lot of red, but it's more comforting (and more alarming, if you think about how narrow that margin of victory was) than, say, this one.

also, take a look at this graph, which really creeps me out, and this article which i'm praying (to my own, personal, not-in-any-way-related-to-george-bush's god) is conspiracy-theory hype because it terrifies me.

to keep from disentegrating completely, i also recommend this and this (both from heather corrina's journal, which is also often a heartening read.)

because i don't know how to revolt against this, because i don't know what to burn or who to blame, my pledge is this:

i will do everything in my power to be grateful, to be honest, and to be generous every day, in every moment. i will do everything i can to increase the peace and beauty in my own life, in the lives of those around me and those i love. i will do everything i can to support the wild: that which obeys its own rules and maintains its own grace. creeks and wolves and love and poetry and music and sex and bellydancing and songbirds and redwoods and falling leaves. i will love as hard and fierce and fully as i can, i will try to move past my fears. i will submit to anger when it takes me, will weep when i need it, will sleep naked and make friends and drink tea around the campfire. and that shall be my rebellion.

today i will renew my membership to the aclu, go for a hike and not grumble about the parking fee, and work on my book of poems. i will dance, i will sing, and goddamnit i will not give up.