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hey. so i need to go to new zealand in february or so to visit a really good friend of mine who is there and needs to be visited by me. except i'm broke, and tickets cost at least eight hundred dollars, going towards four thousand. so i'm making a shameless plea: there is a paypal button at the bottom of my page now. and everyone who gives me five dollars becomes my favorite person of the day. really. five dollars. i have no idea how many people read this page, but if y'all each gave me five dollars, i bet i'd be at least twenty dollars closer to new zealand. where they have penguins and monterey pines. if y'all each gave me five dollars every other week until the end of february, i'd be alot closer than that. it's easy. and if you were wondering what to get me for christmas, this is a good pick. really. five dollars. do it.