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because my class got out six hours early today, i decided to clean my house and do the dishes that have been piling up for longer than i'd really like to say. it's gotten to the point that i groan and whine and whimper every time i come in the door: the place is trashed, and that makes me stressed, and that makes me not want to corral my energy enough to clean it. vicious cycle. so i was all psyched to do a number on those dishes, with modest mouse blasting and the window open (because it finally stopped raining), but apparently my water has been turned off. and the guy who finally knocked on my door to let me know told me he doesn't know when it'll be turned back on. yick.

however, i did manage to get the rest of the house under control, more or less. i need to buy some stuff for school, but i really don't have any money, really, at all. so that'll wait 'till next month (along with grocery shopping (except toilet paper, which really can't be put off)), until which point i'll try to keep myself organized as best i can.

i was a bawling mess about three days ago, for a variety of reasons, one of which i hadn't pinpointed at the time: i was pms-ing, and as much as i hate to admit it, the day or two before i start my cycle, i'm a crazy, weepy, melodramatic bitch. so apologies all around and i'm much better now, thanks.

a single rye plant can grow three miles of roothairs per day, and up to 5,000 miles in a season. so there's your awe for the day.