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i feel balanced again, finally. after ten days of van-riding and gas-station-food-eating, moving hardly at all ever, cooped up with nine other people, with impossible reading and homework to do, overwhelming information to process, and, let me say it again, gas-station-food-eating, i was about ready to lose it. we alternated 8-12 hour driving days with class days in various locations; the class days were spent, logically enough, in class, while the van days were spent mostly writing in our grinnells. in fact, "grinnelling" was probably our most often-used verb the whole trip.

there was a great irony to our eating habits on this trip, and it wasn't lost on us: we would spend a day talking about local food systems or perennial polycultures, then stop at a gas station and buy chips and candy and soda and crap. and that's all we ate, except for the three days when the fed us at The Land. and then we sat in the van for twelve hours, eating our crap and annoying the hell out of each other.

accordingly, since i got home on wednesday, i've been trying to recover. first: lots of alone time. walking in the park with my camera, lots of reading, some more walking, some swimming, and lots and lots of sleep. and then: lots and lots of veggies. nothing but fruits and veggies and nuts and rice and beans. and pickles, because he bought me some and left them here before he left. i feel so very much better, it's unbelievable. on wednesday i wanted to drink myself stupid and/or punch someone really hard, somewhere that it would make a good cracking sound. thankfully, that feeling has passed. horray for home.