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Things are speeding up. I filed my petition to graduate today, which included a $50 graduation fee that is somehow not included in my $15,000 tuition. My Senior Project Application is due Monday, and I really still don't know what I'm going to do. I have to hear back from the school board, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be helping the Unified School District draft a Wellness Policy for the 2006 school year, in which my focus will be the integration of local foods. If that doesn't work, I have absolutely no ideas. Nonetheless, I'm pretty intent on graduating in May. In the meantime, I have more homework than ever before in my life, I'm directing the Vagina Monologues, taking a bike-repair class, and generally losing my mind. I've sort of lost touch with all kinds of people - including my parents, and really anyone else who isn't either in my classes, in my play, or spending all their time in the library - and I haven't been hiking in weeks and weeks.

But. My boyfriend got me a bike, and I've been biking all over instead of driving (and instead of walking, which is just about as exciting, really). I've joined the ranks of women across the world who hang their clothes out to dry, and have thereby learned that the best way to pray for rain is to do my laundry. I spent all day yesterday in Flagstaff at a conservation biology conference, and understood what everyone said the whole time. The leaves are coming down.