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The truth is, I'm exhausted.

I woke this morning to sirens, lots of sirens. I woke this morning at ten - a scant five hours after my codirector and I ironed the last of the 200 tshirts that we finished silkcreening Sunday. We spent fourteen hours together yesterday working on our play, which is running just a little high of average; we reckon we've spent something over fifty on it in the past four days. The tshirts alone took two mindless movies, then all three Lord of the Rings movies, then the extended editions of all three Lord of the Rings movies. And quite a bit of tequila.

The downside of low-budget community theatre is that, in addition to being producers and directors, we are fundraisers, set designers, set builders, publicity agents, light and sound designers, light and sound tech, and stage managers - and, oh yes, fulltime students.

The truth is, I'm thrilled to be a part of this production - to be in charge of this production, no less. The upside of low-budget community theatre is some pretty great community. But I am having less and less patience for cast members who show up late or who, three days before we open, can't quite get that one line.

I have three phone calls to make, 1500 programs to fold, and a livingroom to clean. But then I'm going back to bed, and the burning house down the block can just burn.