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Out of the shower, my skin steaming in the cold. Refill the coffeecup already once emptied, grab a banana left by my roommate when he took off for Cochise this week. Phone calls to my landlord and to Roto-rooter - the ceiling is dripping again and I still can't turn on my heat. Bustle, bustle, clean some dishes, make the bed. Then: pull the blinds open with a satisfying zip! and stand awestruck as light floods the room. Full sun today, and a whole world of blinding snow to reflect it. As I watch, clouds begin to gather in the west, looking drab and smudgy in comparison. Icicles hang from the porch roof, from the climbing vine on the lattice, and from the bumpers of cars in the road. They are all canted a little to the east; you can see whence blows the wind. Little trails slush in from the street along the sidewalk, tellling the story of the neighborhood's weekend, if you care to look closely enough. Winter!