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The dreamworld is deep these days. Don't know if it's his arms around me or the snow-lit night, maybe that I've not managed a good sit since I left the Zen Center. Whatever the reason, I am submerged soon as I close my eyes these nights, big epic dreams that merely pause for the getting-to-know-each-other-again half-awake shufflings of bodies and the incipient-UTI midnight bathroom break. Fewer nightmares, proportionately, but those few are as saturated as the rest. The boy has been sick, to greater and lesser degrees, since we got back; I have been sleeping in dreadfully and that for the fact that I'm not sick as well. That and the juicer.

His dad had a juicer lying around and now we have it. We went through a 25 pound bag of carrots in less than a week. My current favorite is tomato-celery-beet-carrot-spinach-ginger juice. There are, miraculously, local (hydroponic) tomatoes, and it turns out that juice is the best way to use a crappy winter tomato. We both agree that we feel a little high after drinking 16 oz. of the stuff. Apple-cranberry-blueberry is good too.

It's still cold out.


we finally had our much overdue first snow yesterday. i walked in it in the dark after sleeping on a friend's couch after missing the last train out of london. (for job interview, which was absolute rubbish. more on that later.)

need address! and letter! or phone call! much to tell!

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