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Up the wet mountain we trod, digging into snow up to our calves, snow covered in hoar frost sparkling in the intermittent sun, then the clouds to cover all, send up a wind, the soft tinkling of falling crystals. The snow is too deep and wet for our sleds; it is like plowing. On one steep hill we plow our way down, then scramble back up and woosh! We try to roll a snowball down in front of us to clear a path, but after twenty feet we have a snowball heavier than we are and it can't be pushed any farther. Some headway can be made by going face-first with a running start. Hollering always helps.

Today is rain and quiet. We stayed in bed until noon, talking about whether or not this is a world we might want to bring kids into. We'll be moving to (probably) PA in August of '08 so that J can go to grad school; before that he's going to brewing school, and I'm deciding if I want to become a vet or not. At some point he's going to accept my proposal of marraige, and at some point after that our theoretical wonderings will gain some urgency. Tonight the rain will turn to snow, the tea kettle will sing us from dinner into evening, and we will be snug in our home, and so lucky.

Where in PA?

The world needs more brewers, no doubt about that!

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