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Starting work sort of screwed up my internal clock, so indulgently used to laze and impulse. Starting a workweek on Thursday shook things up a little more, so that today feels like a mid-week day. Switching between opening and closing shifts did me in, so that all day yesterday felt like evening even though I got off at eleven, and I feel like it should be about lunchtime now even though it's nearly dark.

The coffeeshop rhythm comes back easily, needing only a few tweaks to suit it to this shop's geography of counter, sink and machine. A few adjustments for their specific blends of milk and chocolate, espresso and foam. They're big on latte art, which I haven't done before, and that's been the only real new thing to learn. The manager told me today that she's very impressed that I've been picking it up so quickly, because it usually takes people "at least a week or two."

Apparently, my references all referenced my "quick learning," because they gave me two days to learn. I wasn't allowed to touch the espresso machine until yesterday, and tomorrow I'm closing by myself. They pride themselves on having the highest quality espresso drinks in the state.

I think it's going to be a little ugly, quick learning or no.

You were missed.



Sigh. I missed you guys, too. But I've got Sundays and Tuesday closing off my schedule completely, so it should be safe for a time.

i suppose one has to steam the milk really particularly in order to get the right kind of foam for the art, eh? i was pretty good at steaming, but probably not good enough to draw naked women in a latte. niiiiiika

Yeah. I'm not especially good at it yet, either.

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