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So I made these mugs for myself and my doppelganger and I really liked them and thought other people might like them. So I made a Cafepress store. If you think you might want a coffee mug with a coffee plant on it, or a tea mug with a tea plant on it, or a beer stein with a hops plant on it, click here!

And if you don't, then don't!

very cool idea.

I use mine frequently. It makes for enhanced caffeine aura.

Get another one, Chris! There's a bigger one, now...

and thanks, Dave. I think it's a neat idea, too.

i clicked on the thing, and in a rare moment of thickness, went: '...blink blink..they're BLANK....'

i guess some stupid part of me anticipated seeing one that you had tailored. hanging out with tourists all day is making me stupider.

They should be the ones I tailored - if you click on them, you can see the picture. I'm not sure why it's not displaying it on the main page.

Thanks for pointing it out!

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