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We're moving again. This time we'll be in one place for almost two months; don't ask me what we're doing after that, because I don't know.

We're moving again to somewhere without internet access (though we'll have a cell service this time, so we won't be cut off from the world completely). I'll miss you, internet. But I'll probably get more done.

Oh! I hope we get to hear from you, from time to time!

good luck!!! where this time?

ooh, i'm in one place for two months, too! how exciting! PAPER LETTERS YAY!!!! send me your address STAT

xxxxxxxx nika


Seen these guys?

-Jess O

dale - we're only a few minutes from town, this time, so I should be around more often.

ms. baseball, we're outside of Middlebury, VT now.

nika! paper letters! yes!

and jess - neat! thanks!

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