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While J works eight and nine and eleven-hour shifts at his new job, I'm supposed to be finding employment of my own. I'm trying, don't get me wrong, but the options are few; at any rate, I've only been able to consume two or three hours of each day with the pursuit. When I was house-hunting as well, I managed to make it nearly a full-time occupation, what with the going to see of apartments and the having of only one car and so therefore walking for goodly distances to get to said apartments.

But now we've found a house, but we aren't there yet so I can't spend my time making it beautiful and cozy and perfect and home; and I don't have a job. It's the perfect time to be doing some serious writing, but I seem to have misplaced my muse.

I want to take advantage of the time I have until I actually do get a job (which hopefully won't be long). So I'm asking for some help. What should I write about right now? Is there something you've always wanted to know about me or farming or fritattas? Some subject you can't believe I've never covered, or one I mentioned in passing that piqued your interest? A pet monomania that you need each person in the world to be somehow involved in? I promise to write at least something about every (not-completely-awful) suggestion I get.

1)What were you like when you were a kid? How and why have you grown into You? Maybe you've written about this, but I must have missed it...

2) What are the (three?) most important things you think you learned at the Zen Center?

3) What kind of food or other enticements does your muse like?

All kind of general and stupid questions but still, I'm curious, and they might lead somewhere intriguing.

:-) Before reading Beth's comments I was thinking -- "what were you like when you were 5 years old? What worried you then, what excited you?"

Oh jeez guys, just wait. I was the most neurotic five-year-old. Well, I was a neurotic seven-year-old anyway; maybe I was just weird at five. I'll have to do some remembering.

Also, here are some from my mom, which she was too shy to post (edited slightly for clarity for readers not in my immediate family):

1. how to know when you're in the right place at the right time? even if you think you aren't...being young and thinking that you can ONLY do that perfect thing or you're cheating your self? wasting time? how about process?
paying dues? taking a path? real world vs. I wish I could?

2. see Cachagua Store [a blog by a local caterer/philosopher with whom my mother is obsessed - and yes, mom, I read it!] daily for inspiration, tears and laughter...and a bizarre random group of topics.

3. more about your life on the farm(s)

4. what pets teach us [with examples of pets recently acquired by my parents]

ONe idea-
Write a short book that looks at your experience at Tassajara, and your farmwork. Reflecting on the asturity of practice, the ruggedness of ventana and the alien/yet somehow comforting nature of zen training. Move on to backeast farming and the seasons, etc. Get some EatPrayLove kinda thing going.

This is a hot topic right now and could do very well in the trade market. Your writing is thoughtful and interesting, you could give us all an insightful look at your journey thus far. Doesn't have to be long, nor perfect, nor have a big lesson. Start with an outline, like three main sections with three chapters each perhaps.


Hey Jess, thanks for stopping by!

Y'know, all through "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" I kept thinking - I could've written this book! I know all these things! And in fact I had a few people tell me that they thought of me all through it.

So, yeah: spirituality, food, ethics, life. A book. Maybe I ought to kick my ass into serious gear already.

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