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It was June all through July,
and now August is wearing September,
it seems. There has not been one night
too hot to sleep through.
Not one day that demanded a jump in the pond.

And winter's coming.

Your words are beautiful.

Love you and miss you terribly.


So true. (And always so good to see something new here - how about a poem for qarrtsiluni this month? Words of power: rain chants...sutras...pig calls...)

did someone just say winter??!!!

LA LA LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU LA LA LA LA LA ::clasps hands over ears:: LA LA LA LA

xx nika

You expressed it so perfectly, and beautifully, our experience of summer this year. And now here, too, autumn weather arrived the same day as the school buses.

I love your writing, through all seasons.

One of the writers I edit just won second-place in a major national literary award. One day it will be you (I don't mean getting second place; I mean being up there...).

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