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i went most of the day without realizing the date, even though the fire department had part of pine blocked off with a giant flag hoisted atop a fire truck.

i've noticed my politics are getting more and more extreme lately; also, i'm becoming more and more likely to argue about them at little provocation. the problem with this, of course, is that i'm not particularly more informed - just more emphatic. but i can't help but feel a gut-level knowing that something is wrong here. i felt it in the city even more, it flattened me in the city, left me drained and edgy all the time, knowing that my world was wrong in some vague, visceral way.

the best antidote i can think of to that feeling is exactly what we did tonight - see an awesome play with good friends, and then go jump in the ocean under a (mostly) full moon. come home exhausted and exhilarated, scrub the sand off your feet and out of your ears, and thank the gods and all that's good that you're alive.