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one week. today is the last visit with the nicaraguan kids at the squatter's settlement; i think we're bringing them christmas presents today. last week, one of my favorite boys was acting up, so i started tickling him to distract him from stealing pens and throwing paper airplanes at people's eyes. his friend tickled me in vengence, i tickled both of them, a little girl darted in to get some of the action, and in about two seconds i was under a pile of writhing, screaming, delighted kids, all poking at my tummy. i was laughing so hard i couldn't stand up - and i also couldn't stand up because there were fifteen kids sitting on me.

the first time we went there, i was sort of bored and it was exhausting and i couldn't understand anyone because they all spoke fast and with a nicaraguan accent and in slang i just didn't know. i still can barely understand them, but by now they all scream "catalina!" when asked if they know my name.

we're having an expatriate's thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, complete with a turkey that nobody seems to know how to cook. i have two days of class left, and then i'm going to climb chirripo, and then i'm going to go home. if you haven't mailed me a letter yet, just send it to california.