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tequila and i get along well. he looked me sideways when i asked for it, and when i insisted that i'd take a straight shot of tequila before almost any other drink. but it gets me feeling languid and fuzzy and warm without being sleepy and dizzy and dumb. it gets me dancing, in the hipslinging way that's the only way i dance. and it's the only drink i think i legitimately like - i don't even shoot it properly, but let it sit in my mouth a bit, swirl off the salt, and make sure i've finished it all before i hit the lime. although probably, the fact that you get to drink it with lime and salt is half the fun, since lime and salt are two of my favorite things.

i'm going to nicaragua tomorrow, for as long as i can until i feel too guilty about missing classes. but i'm reading las ruinas circulares in the original, and that makes me cooler than i've ever been before.