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so at the cafe we have these bowls. for soup. and plates. for under the bowls. except the plates, which are (theoretically) designed for under the bowls, don't have that nice little groove along the inside in which the bowls are supposed to sit. and the bowls, which are (theoretically) designed to sit on said plates, don't have that ridge along the bottom which is supposed to correspond to the plate groove. so we have two pieces of smooth, curved glass. or, in fact, two sets of two pieces of smooth, curved glass each, and a very busy house. we have soup in the bowls on the plates. what we don't have - and only because i was wearing my superwoman underwear - is soup all over the floor. instead, we have an amazing and uncharacteristically-coordinated soup-dance-of-salvation, and a round of applause from several customers who were lucky enough to witness it instead of being plastered with two bowls full of fragrant split pea with plentiful pit-smoked ham soup.

not everyone was so lucky.

also, if you're around you should come by on wednesday afternoon for the official opening. and order something that isn't soup.