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monday again. time slips away from me faster than i'm quite comfortable contemplating. it is almost april already, which makes it almost may. then june comes swinging up from behind, and i realize that a very few months stand between me and my summer internship, provided that all works itself out and i am actually able to go. new student orientation at ww is in the middle of august; classes start that final week. then i am a student again, a year passed and was it worth it? i think so. i've felt myself changing each step of the way, felt parts of me that had been hidden demand their light and time. i am not quite who i was before, or perhaps i am moreso. i've done and become things that i wouldn't have expected, sitting in that too-loud philadelphia room ten months ago. i've found things for which i didn't know i had been searching, and lost things i never quite knew i had. isn't that what growing up is all about?