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yesterday, one of my mentors, Marcia, and i had a long conversation about the politics and spirituality of food. the increasing disconnect between the food in supermarkets and the land it grows on; between food and nourishment; between people and the food they buy. the act of eating can be holy, i think, the way sex is holy. it is a magnificent opportunity for reconnection - with your senses, your health, with the people you are eating with, the people who produced what you eat, and with the land from which it came. but we are so often eating hurriedly, and what we eat is often of poor quality and so processed as be unrecognizable as something made from component parts. who would guess that wonderbread came from wheat?

accordingly, today, on the most beautiful day we've seen in months, i ate: ginger tea with poison oak honey; a pear; the first radish from my garden; an artichoke; carrot-orange juice; raisins; blueberry yogurt; a sandwich of toasted sourdough, avocado, pepper-jack, Swiss, and incredible whole-seed mustard; and a mango with lime juice. i wasn't moving about much so i wasn't ever very hungry, and that all was more than enough for the day. all good food; all real food. it makes me feel good.